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just throwing this out there....

Do any of you like rollerblading or bike riding?
I need to find someone who will do these things with me because:

A) I no longer have my previous "bike-riding buddy" around, even tho we never actually got around to hitting up the bike paths or the river like we planned :-( 
B) I don't particularly care for doing these things alone. i can, i just prefer good company... can you blame me?
C) I'm sure there's another reason...

so um, yeah, this is me asking for friends... ha, just kidding. but not really. If you'd like to join me some time, let me know. i've got to get off my lazy ass, and i'd rather do it with a friend (being social *and* exercising-hello multi tasking!).

ps. sorry to those who are also my myspace friend. this is a double-post for you......
So yesterday I finally got my hair re-dyed. my roots were definitely needing it. I didn't end up doing what i was considering (dark on the bottom, red on top = the general gist) because stephen has a way of convincing you to do things his way...

anyhoo, i have new red hair and it's exciting. Afterward I headed over to zack and nate's to watch game 1 of the playoffs (woot!!) and had a jolly time as per usual. well, with the exception of these 2 girls, but that's besides the point. during one of the breaks katelyn and i decided it was picture time. and by picture time we mean playing dress-up in zachary's closet, which was more fun than it sounds....

what do superman and freddie crugar have in common? zack jones' closet, that's what.

pillowcases make good capes... in case you were wondering...

trying hard not to laugh at my pen-claws.... yeah.

"i dont even know how to make a ghetto face!"

ahahahaaa... amazingness.

...in other news, i miss stevan. he needs to come home now <3
he helps me learn, he helps me grow, he gives me all the love i could ever need... i'm the luckiest girl in the world, end of story :-*

*step by step i'm learning that not everything is a big deal, changed plans aren't the end of the world, and even if things don't go as i thought, i can still have a wonderful time...

*slowly i'm seeing in me the things that he sees... well, most things....

* i've never been so happy in all my life, i couldn't ask for a better boyfriend because i already have the best

some things are just meant to be....

ps. an update on life post to come soon, i suppose.....
I absolutely love how much weight i've lost. old clothes fit me again, current clothes fit even better. I've been struggling for so long, and I've finally got down just over 20 lbs. (just 10 more to go and i'll be beach ready ;) hehe)  My confidence is up (partially thanks to steve as well) and it's got me motivated to lose the extra giggle and work towards that 6pack i always wanted....but like everything else, there are the downsides, like all the dress clothes i've bought over the last year or so that no longer fit. my dress pants are all tooo big, sure the waist is finally sitting at my hips, which i like, but the crotch is 4 inches too low and suddenly the hem is dragging on the ground. Getting ready for work is like a fashion show, just trying to figure out what i can wear without looking frumpy. Now the question is, do i get the pants i currently have altered, or do i buy all new pants? i can't really afford either at this point, so which is the lesser of the two evils? blah. well, i guess you can't have your cake and eat it too......

ps. i had a raspberry truffle martini at the chocolate bar last night. can we say heaven??? um, yes. liquid truffle = a party in my mouth :)
So much has changed since my last real post...

I've made new friends, and drifted even further from a few old ones. I've explored the crazy world of directing and who knows if I'll do that again - odds are I will, who am I trying to kid? I finally hit the 10lb. weight loss mark - and it's about damn time. I've made some amazing memories with some absolutley fantastic people (especially with Katelyn), and in the process met the most wonderful boy ever :)

And for the first time in a long time, I can say I'm genuinely happy. And I can say that without questioning if I really mean it. I mean it. every word of it. And there's nothing more calming then that.

this is for katelyn :)Collapse )

Nov. 26th, 2006

Well the time is almost here... it's fast approaching. my directoral debut. holy crap. be there!!

Canisius College Little Theatre proudly presents
Tina Howe's Off-Broadway hit:
Painting Churches

Nov 30th, Dec 1st & 2nd @ 8pm (doors at 7ish)
Marie Maday Theatre in Lyons Hall, Canisius
it's FREE

so your excuse list just got shorter. punk.

so pardond me while i burst into flames.....

That was a fantastic party. I'm glad the whole cosutme situation worked out the way it did. it was all for the best in the long run. (for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, it really doesn't matter any more.) i can't wait to see the pictures.

Thank you for a great night to everyone who made it great. (especially the beautiful walker sisters, zach and nate)

mmmkay... time to go get ready for callbacks. i really hope more people come today ::crosses fingers::

Oct. 27th, 2006

i hate it all

and that's all you need to know...

Oct. 27th, 2006

soooooo get this: buycostume.com sent me the wrong costume - a HIDEOUS clown costume that looked like something out of Steven King's "IT" instead of my R.I.P.unzle costume (which i bought a matching wig from btw)...needless to say i was in hysterics because i've been so excited about this costume.

so i call and after 50 minutes on the phone they are overnighting another costume to me that is $25 more expensive for free. damn straight they are, cause i was pissed, man.... it was not a good situation.

but now i'll be a cute little cottage wench. so be jealous ;-)

...now what kind of shoes does a wench wear anyhow? hmmmmmm.....
i suppose i'll never fully understand
why everything always comes back to sex
why does it always have to be so fucking important.
am i the only person who thinks there's way more to a relationship
that you shouldn't fuck someone you just met
or that you don't care about.

call me old fashioned, but jesus. it's mildly ridiculous.
and no, i'm not a prude thankyouverymuch
but i'm not going to screw just any guy
it takes TIME.
and excuse me if i'd prefer to be in LOVE with you first.

we're not the computer generation
the generation of technology
generation x, y, or z
we're the generation of putting out
giving in
giving up

and people wonder why i'm single...
it might be lonely, but damn it's so much easier sometimes

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